Age: 45 years

Maximum weight before surgery: 140 kg (IMC de 47,1)

Height: 1,64 m

Surgery date: agosto del 2001

Recent weight: 110 kg (IMC de 36,9)


I used to keep my weight at a reasonably state, until I had my 6th son - that`s when I developed gestacional diabetes and gained 56 kilos. After that, I kept gaining weight. I tried all kinds of weight-loss pills. I tried basic diets, I consulted a diet specialist. and everything seemed to work, only for some time, but afterwards, after every tentation, I found myself with even more wieght that before.

My diabetes continued after the baby´s birth and I had to take about 3 or 4 shots a day, in addition of 4 daily pills for my diabetes. In addition, My blood sugar levels were still dangeriously high - between 400 and 500. I had sleep apnea and I had installed cardiorespiratory machine to be able to sleep though the night. I developed high blood pression and tachycardia, and I had a leak in 3 arteries in my heart. I suffered from a pulmunar interstitial desease and I suffered daily asma attacks. I was deteriorating quickly. My family was very scared and so as I.

Due to my poor health , I decided to change of work, as a nurse for the intensive/critic therapy unit. It was very dificult to maintain a normal working rate, since I felt incredibly sick. I didn´t wanted to compromise any other person´s life for being medically out-of-control. So I changed to mixed, hospital and domiciliary nursing ,but I was too sick to even work at such a low activity rate.

I felt depressed and even thought of suiciding. My doctor wanted to prescribe me antidepresives, but I knew that wasn´t the solution to my problems.

Food was everything to me. It was my only inmediate consuleo. I thought: I deserved this meals. It was like a reward for me. I had to have it. Food was everything, emotional, physicall and even medically. That`s how I handled my situation.

Then I heard about the weight-loss surgery from a lady who had submitted herself to this procedure. I was astonished by the results she told me about. I wanted to investigate everything about it. Then, I began to investigate over the internet. There was no dificulty on finding information about it. I read many possible benefits and about the multiple risks and possible complications.

My doctors told me that I was the peffect cadidate for this surgery. My health had becamed untreatable and they came to a conclusion that was medically necessary to do it. There was a present risk, but not doing nothing was a greater risk.

I know this doesn´t happens to everyone who has weight-loss surgery, but two weeks later after the procedure - I didn´t needed ANY medicine. It was simply wonderful. I never needed insuline, diabetes pills, no medicine for my heart, thyroids and asma. Nothing. It`s incredible. 4 months after the surgery I had already lost 30 kilos. My blood sugar levels where at 120, not at 400 or 500 anymore. mY doctors - my neumologist, my cardiologist, my endocrinologist, my hematologist, my persaonal doctor - non could believe how fast I responded to the surgery. I felt as if I were 20 years old.

Food didn´t controled me anymore . It`s wonderfull to know how one can control it`s nutrititon and food consumption, when you´re not hungry all the time. It´s fantastic.

I am very eager to be active with my children and grandsons, doing normal stuff. I`m anxious to fo back and shop for clothin. That´s very important to me. It´s also important for people look at me. It´s important to be able to adjust safety belts at other people´s vehicles. For me, it´s important to be able to bend over and tie my shoes. All this little things seem big when you know you cannot do them.

But, above all, The weight loss helped me gain alot. I gained my family and my life back, and even more important, I gained back my health.


Like in any surgical procedure , weight-loss surgery can present risks. The every patient´s result can vary and there are no indicators of results. Patients must consult their doctors to determine if this procedure is the most indicated for your condition in particular.

"The only things that kept me happy were food, my diabetes, my back pain and feeling constantly tired. After my surgery, Nevertheless, what keeps me incredibly happy is to know i´m having my first son ".

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