Age: 43 years

Maximum weight before surgery: 151 kg

Surgery date: october 27, 2000

Recent weight: 107 kg


I was an obese person from when I was teenager. And even though I had never felt happy with my aspect, Some years ago, my weight became a real threat to my health,. to my life and also to my happiness.

It was then, when my over-weight and helath problems related to it stopped me from continuing my caesarean sessions as part of my professional practice in gynecology and obstetrics. It´s dificult to express the impact that caused that desicion to my life. Anyway, I had no choice. as a doctor, I knew I would develop more health complications in the future, even worse ones due to my over-weight problem. Even though, In july, 1999, that decision got out of my hands when I was discovered an ulcer in my foot. During 8 months I was unable to work. I couldn´t practive medicine. I was disabled from doing what I most loved. That in which I had trained for more than 10 years.

Some things went from bad to worst. While I recovered from my foot, I gained over 22 kilos at my house. I felt so lowered. A pain in my back had appeared which couldn´t be stopped by nothing, I had to take insuline to control my diabetes. My legs were afected and my blood preassure was elevated. Unexpected things appeared too. I thought that the people arround me didn´t took me seriously. I discovered how, with frequency, I hated people in public. The idea of just sitting in a chair of an airplane or in almost all restaurant sits, That made my vacations become more of a annoyance than a pleasure..

The worst was how my weight affected my career . When I went back to work I couldn´t stay standing up for long periods which were necesary to perform surgeries. The pain in my legs and back were just too much. As a result I had to stop doing caeserean obstetric and gynecology sessions to my patients. My situation got to such a critic state and it didn´t seemed it would get better.

For many years I traid various diet and excersice programs. Though, even if I knew everything about the science of weight loss, I also thought it was almost impossible to obtain longing results. In the best case escenario I could lower about 1 or a half kilos a week. and then I would gained them again.

Then, when an orthopedist surgeon which I knew sigested me a bariatric surgeon, I decided to investigate on my own. I participated on a conference about weight-loss. There were bariatric surgeons able to answer questions about these procedures. It took me another year and a half to be able to take that desicion. The procedure I had performed on me was the "Gastric Bypass Roux-en-Y". Dr. Titus Duncan, from Atlanta (Georgia) was my bariatric surgeon.

From what I heard of, My recovery was excelent to what was expected. I didn´t had any serious problems during my surgery nor my recovery. I went home after 3 days and went back to work in 5 weeks.

And even though I had been told that I lost all the weight it was expected, I still can´t believe it. For me, it´s a miracle. I lost 43 kilos. ¡43 kilos! My family and friends are astonished. The patients that I hadn´t seen me in a long time didn´t even recognized me. The most important thing from all is that I had never felt so good in my life. The weight-loss surgery overcomed my gratest expectations. I don´t have back pain anymore, my blood sugar level has been the at best for 15 years. My diabetes has gone way better and I only need very little insuline.

And what´s most important of all is that I could practice my caeserean surgeries again. I feel like a complete medic. I don´t regret this at all, Even though I didn´t lowered more kilos, I gained back my health and i`m doing all the things I have always liked. I do alot of excercise, I ride my bycicle and it´s easier enjoy the meals I love than I used before. With smaller food portions and, in spite of the fact that I cannot consume red meat yet, I can still get the recomened amount of proteins needed.

¿If there is something I would like to say about the weight-loss surgery? Of course. It`s the best thing I could had ever done, As physical as emotionaly.


Like in any surgical procedure , weight-loss surgery can present risks. The every patient´s result can vary and there are no indicators of results. Patients must consult their doctors to determine if this procedure is the most indicated for your condition in particular.

"I don´t want to end up like my mother who had a leg amputated, and forced to a wheel chair. and I don´t want to die when i´m 60 years old ".

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