Age: 35 years

Maximum weight before surgery: 122 kg

Height: 1,76 m

IMC before surgery: 41

Surgery date: May 4, 2001

Recent weight: 78 kg

Actual IMC: 26,5


My over-weight problems began after high-school. I used to play sports in school, but when I began university, I stopped some of my rutines. I didn´t excercised anymore and I ate heavy stuff out of hours. I had won many prizes, and went on, slowly gaining weight. Almost at my 30´s, I suffered from great over-weight issues.

On the last years before surgery, I had a horrible gastric reflux. Before surgery, I made a upper gastrointestinal exam, which revealed that I had a great amount of injuries. I woke up every night having dificulty to breath, fearing of having a shock. I felt literally sofocated, and very scared. To threat that problem I had to pass from regular anti-acids to prescripted medicine. According to my doctor, the next step was another surgical procedure - the "Nissen" (Nissen Fundoplication) to treat the denominated GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Desease). I developed sleep apnea and I snored in a terrible way. I was put under 2 mayor knee surgeries to repair worned ligaments and cartilages. Went I climbed stairs, my knees "crunched" constantly. They sounded so loud that people heard them and asked: "Oh my God, ¿is that comming from your legs ?"

My life quality changed alot. It was too annoying having to apologize to other people for not being able to do things, When it was only my weight what stopped me from participating in many activities. Four years ago, my father took all my family to see Jackson Hole (Wyoming) on a christmas trip which I didn´t went to. I had to excuse myself. I was worried I could lose balance and I decided not to go.

I`m sure that everything that happens to me happens to everyone who has ever tried a diet without results. I tried all the main methods for weight-loss. All worked good, when I dedicated to them, and lowered over 30 kilos. But as always, I regained that weight. I got to the point where I was so anxious to get into the next diet available.

When I heard about weight-loss surgery for the first time, when talking to some collegues work and hearing all the testimonies of some well known persons that had been on that surgery. What really impressed me were these person´s testimonies. I read their stories on the computer and cried. They told their stories and I knew exactly how they felt. It was wonderful.

The surgeon that I choosed from demanded great part of preoperating exams. I had to make a physic exam, an upper gastrointestinal exam and a liver ecography. I had to assist to group therapy sessions and present a psycological test. Everything formed part of a complete set and I liked it. After surgery, all that helped me know what was coming to me, things as hair loss and the need to consume alot of proteins.

My surgery had no complications. It was on a friday. They discharged me from the hospital on monday and I was already working home, and in my office on wenesday. On the next monday, I was already making comercial contacts with clients.

Almost a year later after the surgery I had lowered over 43 kilos. All my health conditions got better. I stopped having gastric refluxes ever since I woke up from surgery. Now, I rarely snort. I was completely cured from the sleep apnea. My knees do not crunch anymore and I can bend over the floor again. I think there is nothing I can´t do. I still pursue my goals, but before the weight-loss surgery I never thought I could really make it through. Now my future is clear. I feel proud of my good health again.

I´m happy of having passed through this my family´s support. They waited me on the waiting lounge outside the operation room and they continues to be part of my support group. My family´s support gives me the sensation of success, of pride, of friendship.

This year, I passed christmas vacations with my family, something we didn´t do almost along time ago. We even did some of those "dinamic games" where we form a cirlce and we talk about things that makes us happy and proud. My father´s eyes were wet in tears. He was captain of the marine and he doesn´t get emotional very easily. He told me, for everyone to hear: "I have never been so proud of my daughter in all my life. For her strenght and inteligence and for the decitions she has taken. For what she had passed through and for what she is now. I cannot look at you ", continued, "without feeling proud ".

It was a wonderful moment .


Like in any surgical procedure , weight-loss surgery can present risks. The every patient´s result can vary and there are no indicators of results. Patients must consult their doctors to determine if this procedure is the most indicated for your condition in particular.

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