Age: 33 years

Maximum weight before surgery: 162 kg

Height: 1,58 m

IMC before surgery: 65,7

Surgery date: october: october, 2000

Recent weight: 83 kg

Actual IMC: 33,8


My husband and I wanted to have a son, but when I told my doctor, He adviced me not to get pregnant, at leas if I didn´t wanted to die. That was such a shock for me. And everything due to my weight. my doctor said I was facing high risk complications, such as gestational diabetes, maternal high blood pression and complications during pregnancy and birth. He talked about some studies made that showed how conditions such as neural tube defects and "Spina Bifida" are asociated with obesity during pregnancy. That cought my attention.

I have always suffered of over-weight - since I was a child and a teenager. I was relatively active - I played tenis two or three times a week and I played well; I was captain of the USTA team (United States Tenis Association). When I got to my 20th birthday, I began to grow like a ballon and to gain about 9 kilos a year. Everything happened just like that, it simply appeared. I reached a point where I had to look over the "extra-larger" clothes secction - since then, it became a question of weither I lowered my weight or begin to make my own clothes.

Then, I suffered some complications with my health. Some years agom I had fallen in my backyard and had fractured my leg. My doctor explained it to me directly. His opinion was, if I hadn`t carried so much weight, I would had controlled myself. I couldn`t had gotten to such a low point. I felt it as if it were a slap on my face. As I gained weight, my back began to hurt. Walking was becoming a load for me. With the fact that to go through my office´s corridor, I felt that my spine´s discs were getting out of their place. My doctor talked about all the health problems I would encounter in the future if things kept up that way. Problems such as diabetes, which scared me because my father was just diagnosed with it. But there was more- like high blood preassure and artritis.

To complete, I couldn´t go out without my husband. I was too voluminous to be able to sit on tables in restaurants. In the last years, I looked like if I was mad at the world. To tell you the truth, I was angry at myself. I blamed myself for my over-weight, and that wasn´t right.

At that time, I began to hear about Carnie Wilson and how well she had gotten out of her weight-loss surgery, and that gave me a motive to go on. I made some investigations and finaly decided to consult a bariatric. I got very excited because I liked the way she talked about it and answered a lot of doubts I had about myself. I wanted to know about the risks, of how much weight I would lose, of how my life would be after that surgery. She didn´t had much interest on how quick I could be on an opperation room. It was a long way to go, but it was a necessary road I had to take, a road to surgery. I had to consult a lung specialist, since my lung capacity was reduced. Also a cardiologist. My doctors wanted to be sure that there wouldn´t be any medical problems that would stop me from having that surgery.

The results were wonderful. The first time that I got on a weight scale after the surgery, ¡I had already lost 11 kilos! That was the most I had lost all my life!. An so, I began to see the results, to feel good with everything. I had already lost more than 72 kilos and there are so many diferences which I can talk about. I can go up and down stairs, I make long walks, I can raise and lower myself. I can even bend to paint my feet´s fingernails. I couldn´t do such thing since I was a teenager. My mental health is much better now. Before, I only used to sit and watch T.V.. Now my husband and I say: let´s go out, let´s go work on the backyard. we only have fun all the time.

But the best of all is that i`m anxious of having a baby. My doctor told me to wait at least a year before having him/her. A year has already passed and we are waiting for the blood tests resultsto to make sure that my vitamin levels are fine enough before continuing. I can say that we are ready. Soon, we´ll have our baby present with us.


Like in any surgical procedure , weight-loss surgery can present risks. The every patient´s result can vary and there are no indicators of results. Patients must consult their doctors to determine if this procedure is the most indicated for your condition in particular.

"It isn´t nessesary to remind the importance of having a good doctor and a good program. It feels good knowing that he is watching over my health from so many diferent prespectives. Eficiency makes you feel so confortable".

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