Age: 29 years

Maximum weight before surgery: 112 kg

Recent weight: 55 kg


I tried practically everything . If I heard of a new diet, I tried it. Sometimes I lowered 4 kilos and then I gained 6. I was always looking for a solution. One day, I saw some material about weight-loss surgery brought my attention. I read an article about laparoscopic surgery. I searched for information about it and I consulted my doctor. I had back, hip, knees and ankle problems. After going out shooping, I felt my back killing me. I had just found out that I had developed a heart dilatation due to my weight. I couldn´t play with my children. I was out of breath easily. This whole situation worried me alot.

There is a cancer, diabetes, and high blood preassure history that runs through my family. I knew that my over weight didn`t helped and that made me felt bad. As if were a joke, I say I used to suffer from high blood preassure and low self-steem. And I always lowered my head in public. I simply didn´t wanted to find myself in other people´s sight.

But the weight-loss surgery results surpassed my highest expectations. Even before submitting to the surgery, I had no complications, not even with my insurance. After the surgery being approved, I felt very anxious about the upcoming operation.

Two days after surgery, I was already walking. I had some pain, but I could bear with it. I didn´t put much attention into pain, but to how would I feel later after this.

My family supported me alot. But they were surprised too. When I went to pick up my mother in the airport, she, literally, didn´t recognized me. Since then, I have lost 56 kilos. now I feel wonderfull!. I can play tenis again. I can run. I feel light as a feather. My nutrition changed also. I take 4 small meals a day, approximately a cup of anything. and, to tell you the truth, I don´t feel the urge to eat.

Now, it´s easier to get what I want, To be with my kids, play with them. they used to follow me and I couldn´t follow them. Now, it´s dificult for them to catch me. I love that.


Like in any surgical procedure , weight-loss surgery can present risks. The every patient´s result can vary and there are no indicators of results. Patients must consult their doctors to determine if this procedure is the most indicated for your condition in particular.

"the weight-loss surgery results surpassed my highest expectations".

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