Age: 43 years

Maximum weight before surgery: 106 kg

Height: 1,64 m

IMC before surgery: 40,3

Surgery date: october, 1995

Recent weight: 56 kg


The idea of having a surgery came up for the first time in a consult to my orthopedist. He was comenting about a surgery only to ease the pain I felt in my feet, knees, hip and joints of my legs. He diagnosed me the Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, which is the same as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but it only affects the feet. My doctor was worried, that, in addition to the Tarsal Tunnel and Diabetes, there was a possibility that I could lose my lower limbs if not done anything. Not even leg surgery could be enough if I continued gaining weight.

What happened is that I suffered from over-weight when being a teenager. Since then, I never wanted to go out or be arround people, not even to be looked at while I walked out the streets. I heard people commenting: "She´s like that because she eats all the time ". I felt that people tried to avoid getting close to me because of my corpulence. I had no self-steem nor confidence in myself. Food became my only friend.

I tried practically every popular diet in it`s time - pills, drinks, anything. I lost a few kilos and later gained even more. In one of those diets I lost 31 kilos, But as soon as I began eating "normal" meals again, I gained them again, and so on.

Other than this, there was my triglycerides levels problem. To tell you the truth, My doctors didn´t knew what to do. I was told that my triglycerides levels were so high, that they couln´t be measured. With a high colesterol, elevated triglycerides and Diabetes, my health, my life, they were in danger. For so much wieght over my joints- on my hips, knees and feet - I felt a permanent pain.

Then, I discovered the weight-loss surgery in a local seminary, being done by potential patients. though, I didn`t decided to submit to this procedure until 3 years later. I was kind of worried because it was an specialized surgery.

As I investigated more about this subject, the more I wanted to do it. The more I knew about the procedure, the more I needed to decide weither to do it or not.

Though, the thing I most thought of, after getting out of surgery, was to do everything that I hadn´t done yet in this world. As soon as I could get up, I felt free and with an urge to run. Nobody could understand what I felt.

I lost 46 kilos the first 10 months. I began to worry a bit, since I felt I was too thin. My doctor adviced me to lower my excersices a bit and to take less water. In little time, I found my balance. I have conserved my actual weight for over 4 years.

Maybe, my mayor waekness are sweets. I always want to eat sweets, even if I know I can present a "Dumping Syndrome" for consuming to much sugar. The "Dumping Syndrome" is quick as terrible. In general, it takes 45 minutos aprox. until you begin to cold sweat. One begins to tremble. It feels as if you were going to get out of your own skin. And, basically, you have to go directly to the bathroom. and after an hour and a half, you feel completely drained. exhausted. you have to go to sleep, because you simply get completely exhausted.

In spite of everything, six years later and with 45 kilos less, you don`t have an idea of how happy I am of having done this surgery.

When I began lowering weight , sometimes I had to pinch myself to make sure it was really me. I mean, as I lost kilos and my colesterol and sugar levels lowered, My self-steem, confidence and energy went up.

Now, my health was in perfect conditions - my colesterol triglycerides levels were normal. Before, I was at the border of needed insuline shots, but now, I have no Diabetes. And the best of all, I have no more hip, knee and leg pains. I work normaly and I don`t fear going out anymore and neither to be arround people; my husband and I have an excelent friend circle. Plus, I can do things I could had never had done before- to sit easily in an airplane´s chair, ¡and for only one person! ¡I love it!

It´s been six years ago since I had that surgery and this has implied me great adjustments. Nevertheless, I am now at my ideal weight - 56 kilos. And the best is that I feel completely fit and emotionaly perfect.


Like in any surgical procedure , weight-loss surgery can present risks. The every patient´s result can vary and there are no indicators of results. Patients must consult their doctors to determine if this procedure is the most indicated for your condition in particular.

"I used to take insuline and heart, thyroids and asma medicines during many years. Two weeks after the surgery, I didn´t needed to take any medicine ".

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