Age: 46 years

Maximum weight before surgery: 104 kg

Height: 1,55 m

IMC before surgery: 43,5

Surgery date: May-2000

Recent weight: 53 kg (IMC of 23,2)


Myabe I could hide from everyone. I could even lie to myself. but that didn`t helped. The truth is that my weight reached such point that I was out of breath by just going up stairs. When I talked over the phone, I was asked if something was wrong with me. I would tell them that I simply went running up the stairs. I felt tired all the time. I tooked hypertension medicines and I had just found out that I had diabetes. Diabetes was the thing I most feared.

Bad health ran through my family, great part of the health problems were related to over-weight. Diabetes left my granfather blind. My uncle suffers from Sleep Apnea. My sisters take Hypertension medicines for their blood pression. All of them suffer from over-weight. But it was when I saw my mother fighting against over-weight and every single medical conditions that were related to it, what made me take a desicion on doing something about it.

When she was diagnostiicated with Diabetes, she weighted about 113 kilos and she wasn`t doing anything to loss weight. She began to get sick when she reached her 50 years, and when she was 60, she had to amputate on of her legs and she needed 3 dialisis sessions per week. When she had finaly passed-out, it was time for me to be serious about my health.

I always gained weighted slowly, little by little. I tried every kind of excersice and diet programs. Everything turned out to be the same thing. I lost 20, I gained 25, I lost 25 and I gained again 30, even though I excersiced.

I wasalways frustrated, things didn`t happened the way I thought they would be. At last, in 1999, I took that decision, I was sure that this way I would get the results I was looking for.

For me , Weight-loss surgery was an oportunity that would imply a real change at a long term. I concidered that surgery would break that visious circle of obesity. And it was just like that. The first 30 days after the procedure, I lost 14 kilos. Before, that would just good enough for me. But after the surgery, I continued lowering weight . Even after Christmas vacations, I controled myself to stay away from the weight I used to have.

At the begining, it was dificult . I encountered some problems, I knew the pain would last some time. After all, everything was going to end after the surgery. So ¡go on !

I knew I couln`t eat as I used to . During the first week, it was only soups and broths. But I learned to eat in a different way. In fact, I leave some leftovers over the plate.

Now, I go to gym three or four times a week. I walk with a friend from the support group one or two times a month. I even hired a personal trainer that helps me work in specific parts of my body. We`re working our physics so that we can possibly participate in a physiculture tournament.

I feel in an excelent shape. My blood pression medicines are already part of history. Diabetes is no longer a problem and I can climb stairs without stoping to catch my breath.

I went to my niece´s graduation and came back home with a lot of relatives that haven`t seen me in a long time. They couln`t believe it when they saw me for the first time in the airport. I told them to "shut your mouths and return your eyeballs to your heads ".

They asked me: "¿Where`s the rest of you?"

and I answered : "Back in California ".

After a year an a half after my surgery I still enjoyed seeying the reaction of people when they see me. I realized what I really wanted. I had regained my health. I am diabetes-free. My joints don`t hurt anymore and I can run through stairs. But, more than everything, I know I am taking the right steps, so I won`t end up like my mother. I want to live until I am 100 years old. that`s what I am talking about.


Like in any surgical procedure , weight-loss surgery can present risks. The every patient´s result can vary and there are no indicators of results. Patients must consult their doctors to determine if this procedure is the most indicated for your condition in particular.

"I finaly knew I had to do this by myself . I had to do it for my health ".

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